Style Celebration + StyleBistro

Style Celebration gets much love from the press. It is our honor to have been invited to become a member of StyleBistro, an online magazine focused on celebrity style, fashion and beauty since 2010.

Our article have been consistently featured and given "kudos" by their fabulous viewers. You can check out Style Celebration on StyleBistro HERE.

Style Celebration + "God Save My Shoes"

We have been invited to become one of the very exclusive insiders in the production process of the documentary, "God Save My Shoes" this year. "God Save My Shoes" is the first documentary film to explore the intimate relationship women have with their shoes.

Getting sneak peeks of the GSMS production diaries, behind the scenes extras and obviously an invitation to the much anticipated premiere and after party in New York at one of the hottest clubs of the city, LAVO.

With invitation-only screenings happening around the world, this amazing documentary gives fashion enthusiasts access to some of the most amazing closets and insight into the minds of people like Manolo Blahnik himself as well as celebrities.

As part of this collaboration between "God Save My Shoes" and Style Celebration we are also linked on the main page of their website, a sign of the great relationship we have built over the past months.

You can check out the "God Save My Shoes" website and spot the Style Celebration link HERE.

Please contact us directly at for press inquiries.

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