Scandalous- Lindsay Lohan In Charged With Assault In Late Night Smack Down

You don’t mess with a girl who has had as many run-in’s with the law and been locked up for months like Lindsay Lohan. Especially over Justin Beiber’s opening act.

Oh yeah, you heard that right. Both women trotted over to the Beibs concert not to indulge in some heavy tween-aged cackling but to vie for affection of “The Wanted” front man Max George who is British and looks somewhat like a younger Jake Gyllenhaal. Ironically LiLo had a brief catfight with Hilary Duff over Aaron Carter ions ago, oh how time’s have changed.

Apparently after the epic concert, all parties were hanging out at NYC hotspot Avenue when- surprise- Lindsay became wasted in record time. Managing to turn off the guy she was trying to get the attention of, she started to drink more and more – you see where this is going, don’t you? Blah blah blah, Max George started talking to a Lindsay look-alike named Tiffany Eve Mitchell. Feeling more than a bit tipsy and bummed about her bruised ego, apparently Lindsay threw a tantrum about how the blonde was not giving her enough room inside the booth they were hanging out in and used that as an excuse to sock her.

Unfortunately for both women Max George ended up getting sloshed himself and leaving the club with a third chick, while Lindsay was taken away by the police as she was trying to quickly leave in her car. When asked about the exchange that led up to the fight, it apparently went something like this, “Give me some space,” and before she knew it Tiffany Eve’s face met Lindsay’s right hook which rounds the whole night up as a third degree assault.

Lindsay Lohan LOHAN ARRESTED AGAIN Troubled 78JnImn7u6Wl

Lindsay Lohan at the Justin Bieber concert hours before she was arrested


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