Fashion Files- 9 Chic Winter Essentials From Zara That Go From Day To Night

With all the shopping most of us do along the year it’s hard to justify massive retail hauls just for any particular season. That being said, it’s nice to collect a few pieces that catch your eye now and again. Pieces that can be worn well into the next season, mixed and matched with each other, your existing wardrobe as well as one’s that are timeless and not too trend-driven. While pastel printed jeans are pretty and we have rocked them, they probably won’t be making an encore appearance year after year, while a super tailored caramel colored winter coat will.

Zara is one of our fave places to look for professional wears, with an edge. At mid-level prices and constructed pretty well for the most part, their latest releases are absolutely spot-on, chic and classic.





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