Breaking News- Check Out The Complete Maison Martin Marghiela x H&M Collection

Belgium’s legendary avant garde designer Martin Marghiela will be releasing a collection designed for H&M under his label Maison Martin Marghiela.  The massive collection revisits iconic Marghiela pieces over the last 23 years since the label’s inception. Die hard fashion fiends will surely appreciate H&M’s decision to collaborate with a designer that is not quite as ubiquitous as say Marc Jacob’s but equally if not more talented and innovative. Each item in the collection which features a great deal of outerwear, trousers and dresses with a tailored masculine direction will have a tag to indicate the season from which it originated. Can you even handle it?

The collection is not jus for women either, there is a good amount of menswear as well and much of the line blurs the lines between the sexes, which if you are familiar with MMM, is pretty much spot on. You can already consider the nude pumps with invisible wedge heels and giant candy wrapper shaped clutches sold out.

The 104 piece collection officially drops in 230 stores across the globe as well as the United States on November 15th.

Images Courtesy Of H&M


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