Street Style- Fashions We Spotted At The Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Weeks Part ONE

Designer Alexander Wang’s niece sat front row at his show in New York in a Python dress, Nike’s and a miniature Chanel bag eagerly awaiting her uncles Spring Summer 2013 collection. Does it get any better than this shot?

Street style has become an important part of fashion week in the last few years. What started out as a few casual shots of front row editors and celebrities has morphed into its own animal with a its own eager audience. Runway attendees carefully setup their looks and bloggers who may not even be invited to the show parade around outside hoping to get photographed for their sense of style. Not limited to just fashion week, folks even clamor to get their pictures taken at music festivals like Coachella, and well, the numbers don’t lie, there are thousands of people just as eager to see what everyone is wearing. 

Nevertheless, thousands of people scramble to get a look at the fantastic individuals that bring a unique view to life in their outfits and we couldn’t be happier to give you a glimpse of some amazing women during New York, London and Milan fashion week so far.

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