Runway Report- 10 Crosby by Derek Lam Featured A Beauty Blogger & Loads Of Great Pieces

In the vein of todays fashion universe where bloggers are the new “it” girls that make or break a brand and fashion is revered and sells out when helmed at a high street price with collabs between Target and Missoni, Derek Lam took a decidedly modern approach to the presentation of his Spring Summer 2013 collection.

The 12 looks were shown on Emily Weiss, founder and Creative Director of Into The Gloss. Electric Blue suits, willowy sheer blouses and 10c monogrammed Pajama’s all walked the line of cool and commercial perfectly. With price points that fall in the 200-500 dollar range it is wholeheartedly affordable for a high end designer.

Accessible for die hard fashion obsessed gals and easy to wear for women of various shapes, it seems that for SS2013 Derek Lam is not focusing his energy of ladies who lunch, but more specifically on women who sip on lychee martinis downtown and get photographed at Coachella every year. 

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