(Fashion) Pop Quiz- Guess Who The World Famous Parents Of This Teenager Are?

Lily Rose Depp Out Frozen Yogurt Friend pRIXzO3ewn1l

13 Year-Old Lily-Rose Depp is the offspring of French actress/singer Vanessa Paradis and everyone’s favorite pirate Johnny Depp. While Depp and Paradis have been reportedly separated for some time over the actor’s wild partying ways, the couple’s daughter who also has a younger sibling, Jack, was spotted around Los Angeles with a friend and her bodyguard noshing on frozen yogurt.

Her outfit of choice (or lack thereof) is certainly not typical by most 13 year-olds standards in America but maybe it’s a French thing?

Lily Rose Depp Out Frozen Yogurt Friend 5m8ItbvWx78l

Lily Rose Depp Out Frozen Yogurt Friend Z3OPwYankall
Images VIA Zimbio


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