Fashion Files- Pricilla Chan AKA Mrs. Zuckerberg’s Surprising Wedding Dress Designer

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Bay Area royalty and Facebook czar Mark Zuckerberg and his girlfriend of nine years have never been flashy or extravagant as far as we have seen them. For years everyone has been having a good chuckle about Zuckerberg’s affinity for wearing hoodies to the Facebook HQ in Menlo Park, while Pricilla immersed herself in medical school at UCSF.

On Saturday when friends were invited to the couples backyard to celebrate Pricilla’s graduation, they were surprised to be treated to one of the most talked about weddings since William and Kate. Eager not to stir up hype of Kardashian proportions, the world found out they had gotten hitched through -what else?- Facebook. The first thing we thought of course was “oh wow he’s not wearing a hoodie!” and secondly “who made that gorgeous dress???. The who, what and how much it cost, turned out to be quite a surprise.

Bridal wear designer Claire Pettibone apparently found out that Pricilla had elected to wear a dress from her collection exactly the same way the world found out, her Facebook status update. She spoke to BuzzFeed about how the whole thing went down. “I kind of found out about it the same way everyone else did. We had gone to Disneyland for my daughter’s fifth birthday, so we came home and my husband checked the news and he saw that Mark got married, and he looked at the story and said, “Honey, honey this is your dress.” 

Not only has the dress been a part of Claire Pettibone’s label for two years, the designer and her team apparently have no clue as to where the gown was purchased from, “I think she may not have used her actual name.” The “Sky Beneath the Branches” dress is a simple yet elegant lace gown with matte sequins, ivory cut-out embroidery and a sheer back. As for the price tag, it was not 20 billion which is what Zuckerberg’s net worth is as of Friday after the company offered it’s IPO. The retail price for this gown is $4,700.

Prior to the outrageous amount of publicity the dress has received, Claire Pettibone’s most recognized celebrity client was Elizabeth Moss in her wedding to Fred Armisen.

According to CNN who did some digging around of who exactly Pricilla Chan is, she “likes Target, the Food Network and sun-dried tomatoes. She loves taking pictures of her dog Beast, and enjoys diet A&W.” Before starting her path to becoming a pediatrician, the girl who described herself as “a simple creature” was a fourth- and fifth-grade science teacher at The Harker School in San Jose, California.

The two met more than nine years ago while both were studying at Harvard. In a 2005 Harvard Crimson story about Zuckerberg leaving the university, he is quoted as asking Chan, identified as a "passing friend," "Hey, Priscilla, do you want a job at the Facebook?" "I'd love a job at Facebook," she responds while "offering him a Twizzler." Graduating from Harvard with a Biology degree, a job at Facebook never quite fit into her plans but clearly the man behind it did. The rest as they say, is history. 

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