Scandalous- Marc Jacobs Gets Revenge On Kidult By Turning A Profit From Vandalized Store

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Another day another time that Marc Jacob’s is being picked on by someone. Fresh off of shrugging off allegations that Jacobs overworked an underage model for days -which he denied- came a little surprise for the employees at a New York MJ store. A massive pink surprise. Graffiti artist Kidult, targeted the store with the word ART. Jacobs and his PR machine though weren’t going to take this one lying down. They decided to capitalize on the public display of sarcasm, in a big way.

Marc Jacobs who is designer for his namesake brand as well as the Louis Vuitton label has been a target of vandals before. Both of the labels her designed for had their shipment of Spring clothing robbed within a very short time of each other a few months ago which was never really resolved. But if Jacobs was praying for a break in scandalous reports attached to his brand, graffiti artist Kidult apparently had other plans in mind.

On May 8th, the employees at Jacobs’s Mercer Street store in Soho were none too happy to see that the storefront had been defaced with the word, ART. Keen to get rid of it a cleaning crew were immediately called to wash the paint away. Oh but they underestimated savvy New York folk. Almost instantly people started to notice the brouhaha and tweeted pictures feverishly. Speculation as to whom was responsible started to spread and it was not long before arch nemesis to luxury fashion labels Kidult admitted to be the spray paint perp.

Since the world had already seen the graffiti display, in a savvy and backhanded way Marc Jacobs announced that they would be selling pink t-shirts printed with the image of said storefront, calling it “Art by Art Jacobs”. They also went ahead and let us know the shirt is available for a whopping $698 and of course, “signed by the artist”. Snarky.

Not the least bit happy about this is Kidult. The Paris born, NYC based graffiti bandit has previously defaced stores like YSL, Agnes B., Louis Vuitton and even the Collette store in Paris. With his face concealed her gave an interview to Highsnobiety recently explaining his work, “I am the enfant terrible (terrible kid) who attacks in a legitimate, simple way, without limits, with a spraypaint extinguisher.” Not everyone seems as amused by his spray painting antics though, the Colette store would not even acknowledge it as graffiti at all and called  it a “horrible pink thing.”

When asked why he does this the answer was quite interesting. “These spray paint extinguisher tag works remind those who don’t know that graffiti shows up where the author wishes, in savage and illegal ways. I don’t have anything against anyone; my approach with the spray gun aims neither to please nor displease. The message I wish to convey is the main reason for my actions.” He went on to explain the reason for his particular distaste for luxury labels, “Today, these brands make it luxurious and superficial, pointless. They try to intellectualize the practice by eliminating its crude essence, and that’s too bad.”

Honestly we just could not make any sense for his alleged “reason” for hating these brands so much. The only thing that he seems to be conveying is a wider presence for himself by irritating big named labels. The t-shirt Jacob’s is selling is obviously not just for the sake of profit necessarily but also to flip off people like Kidult who try to garner shallow publicity.

Is this the end of the Kidult versus Marc Jacobs tiff? Hopefully, but Kidult’s last cryptic tweet to Marc Jacobs suggested he is more than willing to go for a second round.

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