Scandalous- Linda Evangelista & Billionaire Ex Reach A Secret Settlement

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Linda Evangelista has reportedly settled out of court with billionaire ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, Francois-Henry Pinault yesterday. On the third day of the very public court hearings that have already revealed some embarrassing and personal tidbits of his and current wife Salma Hayek’s lives he had a good reason to finally throw up a white flag in the case.

The thought of Linda having to testify that pushed the French CEO to shut the whole charade down and cough up the dough. On the second day when Pinault himself took the stand Linda’s attorney grilled him on his astronomical spending habits which came out to roughly $260,000 on “gifts” for himself. Primarily on watches for his watch collection.

According to The New York Post, Evangelista who was asking for $46,000 a month which comes out to $552,000 a year in child support took the offer from Pinault for an “undisclosed” sum of money. Considering Evangelista was serious and determined enough to drag him into court and have the whole thing play out like a soap opera, we are pretty sure she got something very close to what she wanted.

Evangelista’s attorney did reveal that the settlement was reached via, telephone. Pinault is worth around $11.5 billion is the CEO of PPR, a multi national holding company as well as his family’s stakes in the famed Christie’s auction house, the Ch√Ęteau-Latour vineyard in Bordeaux as well as French premiere league football team Stade Rennais. The horror of dragging his French family’s name into the gutter over half a million a year was apparently not worth a public battle with the former supermodel.

Pinault, who has fathered two children from previous relationships and is now married to Salma Hayek. Their 5-year-old daughter Valentina Paloma Pinault has been an integral part of the trial for living an extremely lavish lifestyle in contrast to her half-sibling Augustine or “Auggie”. Little Auggie is only a year old than Valentina.

New York Daily News previously reported that one of the personal revelation’s Pinault made in court was that when Salma was pregnant with their daughter they were told by doctors the child might have down syndrome. Pinault claimed that the stress of a difficult pregnancy was to blame for his lack of sympathy for Linda who had given birth to a perfect baby just a year before.

I asked Linda to delay the legal recognition process (of son Augustin) until after the birth of Valentina,” he said. “It was a very difficult pregnancy. She almost lost the baby.”

However when Valentina was born with no sign of a disability five years ago, it seems Pinault still chose to avoid tending to his legal parental duties.

If Linda had testified she would have been asked about such sensitive topics as whether Pinault initial preference was that the baby be aborted -- something Evangelista was set to avert, and which Pinault has denied through a spokesman. Evangelista, 46, was also due to detail how Pinault had asked for a DNA test prior to acknowledging paternity.

Pinault further damaged his public image with statement's like, “We were dating four months and I didn't even know her very much.” When asked why he had not contributed to the child’s welfare for the first few years her flatly answered, "I'm not going to pay money I'm not asked for". That is surely why Evangelista ultimately decided to drag him into court.

The whopping $46,000 a month a figure asked for little Auggie included $15-16,000 a month for gun-toting, ex-NYPD detective chauffeurs, plus a 24-hour nanny costing almost $7,000 a month. Evangelista’s lawyer’s have categorically denied that any of the child support was to be used for Linda’s “personal” use.

Evangelista was asked by a judge prior to this court date how she justifies the amount of money per month she’s asking for, “When I work, it can be a 16-hour day. On days when I do not work, I am working on my image. I have to hit the gym. I have beauty appointments. I have to work toward my next job and maintaining my image, just like an athlete.”

Although the terms of the settlement seem to have included the contingency that Evangelista not reveal the final amount both parties agreed to, a source close to NYP reports that the final sum was not nearly close to $46,000. Regardless though we are sure she fared well in the end.

Pinault’s lawyer happily reported that the settlement was ultimately so that poor Auggie would not have to be bothered by the whole brouhaha any longer, “For the sake of the child". Here’s hoping the whole thing will finally be put to rest for good.

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Linda Arriving In Court For The Third Day Of Hearings

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Linda And Auggie In New York City

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