Mamma Mia- Alessandra Ambrosio Just Had Her Second Baby + Supermodel Secret’s To Keeping Fit

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When Victoria’s Secret darling Alessandra Ambrosio insisted that her manager book an appearance at a Victoria’s Secret store in July he was very much hesitant. That would put her roughly a month or so past delivering her second baby and well, let’s be honest VS is not in the business of showcasing women that look anything but unbelievably fit. “I told my booker and my manager; 'I know I have a job to do, so just book the jobs and hopefully it'll be fine.” Well the time has come, the 31-year-old supermodel just delivered a brother for her adorable daughter Anja in her native county of Brazil.

So what is a supermodel to do when they become pregnant? Thanks to Demi Moore, do what they do best and pose for pictures. To cover or not to cover, seems to be the main concern in theses photographs (as in most celeb versions). Almost all the pictures feature the women holding their breasts with the exception of Miranda Kerr. The picture is actually very delicate and beautiful in capturing the moment that she is holding her belly. It evokes the sense that she is more concerned with her child that posing hand-on-boob for a staged photograph.

"You know, it's probably the new thing to be pregnant. It's not to have the Chanel python bag. It's to be pregnant," that is what supermodel Karolina Kurkova declared to The Huffington Post in 2009 while pregnant with her first baby. It seems flippant at first but it seems nowadays nearly all of the top models are either having a baby or toting around a toddler. Heidi Klum of course win in the baby race as she’s already mom to four kids.

In an interview with Us Weekly after the birth of her son Benjamin, Giselle admitted to only gaining 30 pounds through her pregnancy. The admirably svelte pre-baby body was in fact never lost on the Brazilian stunner who is married to Patriots QB Tom Brady. "I did kung fu up until two weeks before Benjamin was born, and yoga three days a week," she also ate in a “mindful” manner choosing not to indulge too much. "I think a lot of people get pregnant and decide they can turn into garbage disposals."

From artfully done black/white and topless like Miranda Kerr to Claudia Schiffer’s au natural Vogue Duetsch cover, we have compiled a list of the best known supermodels and their well lit pregnancy pictures.

**NSFW due to some bare chested nudity.





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