Health & Wellness- Victoria’s Secret Wants To Get You Fit

Nothing brings on a bout of self conscious guilt over that burger you had for lunch quite like a fun trip to Victoria’s Secret. The oversized images of VS models splashed from window displays and walls seductively schilling body glitter and panties are enough to make most women run out, straight to the nearest spin class and once again dust off that old Atkins Diet book.

Victoria’s Secret understands that most ladies do not look like Adriana Lima or Doutzen Kroes. So they are finally ready to give up that secret we so long have wondering about, and it involves lunges, pushup’s and a perfect chignon without breaking a sweat.

Victoria’s Secret is desperately trying to step in on the activewear category, which has been at the bottom of their sales until now, and compete with giant’s like Danskin and Lululemon by using their famous angels to promote the newly revamped line of workout gear, VSX.

VSX Sport is what they are calling “sexy performance workout gear” and covers all the typical bases from yoga wear to sports bra’s and pants. The only difference is that all of the clothes are, apparently really sexy. Pieces are given unsolicited titles like, “supermodel bra”, “runway skirt” “knockout tight” and “sexy-back tank.” Ok, that last one really oozes out on the cheese factor. They also felt the need to trademark each of these titles, like anyone is trying to steal the sexy-back tank idea that they took inspiration from Justin Timberlake to “come up with.”

As a vehicle to promote the activewear, VS enlisted one of their star girls, Doutzen Kroes to show non-Victoria’s Secret models how to get the perfect body, presumably in order to wear their clothes/lingerie/swimsuits . Remember though, this won’t be just any regular body, it shall be a sexy body.

In a teaser video that promises to deliver “four custom workouts for your sexiest arms, legs, core and butt ever,” Doutzen works out with someone they call a “supermodel trainer” doing some pretty brutal moves, looking hot and wearing what might be the most perfectly constructed chignon anyone has ever managed to keep in tact during a gym session.

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