Hair Trends- Create The Diagonal Messy Braid Seen At The “Bless’d Are The Meek” Show

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Braiding hair, especially long hair is the easiest and chicest way to get going in the morning for many women. The most common braids or plaits as they are also called might be the simple kind or the “French braid” that starts from the crown. Recently though we have been seeing everything from “milkmaid braids” to the super intricate “fishtail braid” on the runways.

Backstage at cult label Bless’d Are The Meek during Australia Fashion Week, Pureology’s hairstylist Todd Arndt created braids on the models that went diagonally across and were adorned with gilded, filigree headpieces. Arndt described the inspiration as “…a wet look fused with cascading hair; the Bless’d Are The Meek girl has just jumped out of the ocean tonight!”.

It might look intimidating and complicated but with a quick tutorial we found that the hairstyle was quite easy to recreate. Scroll down to read the step-by-step guide courtesy of Fashionising.


1. Prepare the hair by spraying it with a volumising spray, then blasting with heat to create volume and matte texture. Todd Arndt and team used Pureology Silk Bodifier for this step.

2. Starting from the top of the right ear, take hair and braid towards the base of the left ear. To create a ‘waterfall’ effect, braid back across the nape to the base of the right ear.


3. To secure the braid without an elastic, spray liberally with hairspray (backstage the Pureology team used Purelogy Strengthening Control) and secure by teasing with a comb.

4. At front section, apply a wet-look gel to create the wet finish. Use hands to work the product across the frame of the hairline, pushing hair away from the face. Ardnt suggests Pureology Nourishing Nectar.


5. To finish, pull pieces of hair from braid creating a ‘fly-away’ effect and set with hairspray.

Images VIA Fashionising

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