Fashionable Faces- Salma Hayek’s Keen Eye For Business & Perennially Chic Style

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The first time a glamorous American movie star wed a notable foreign figure her name was Grace Kelly. That was and this is now however. Salma Hayek stepped out of the United States and onto the streets of Paris permanently with her marriage to François-Henri Pinault. The CEO of PPR, a multi national holding company, parent to luxury, lifestyle and sport divisions, this was the beginning of a whole new era for Salma’s wardrobe.

Born in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico she was a very popular Soap actress before moving to Hollywood at 24, where she was greeted with a fairly cold reception. “I could barely get work as an extra” She recently told Lucky Magazine. That did not last long however. A string of box office hits like Desperado and Wild Wild West catapulted the young Latino onto everyone’s radar. Then came her career defining moment. Playing the role of Frida Khalo the fascinating and tormented Mexican artist in Frida. She also managed to get nominated for an Academy Award which was lost to Nicole Kidman for playing another strong, notable woman, Virginia Woolf in The Hours.

In 2007 her path in life changed in meeting the retail magnet Pinault. Today not only is the marriage going strong despite a brief split during their engagement, but they are also parents to a 4-year-old daughter, Valentina. She Tells Marie Claire, "I was trying to figure out how to have a child on my own. I came to terms with saying, '[Love] might not happen, and I have to be OK with that.' Then someone came along whom I never would have pictured or thought I would have wanted; he was completely out of my box. Even though I was not looking, I was present and I was open. I am the luckiest person I know."

Although Salma now count’s luxury brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Sergio Rossi, Gucci Group, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen which along with the rest of the Pinault assets within PPR are worth an estimated $11.5 billion, according to Forbes, a woman content with her husbands acquirements she is not.

Unlike many other women especially in Hollywood that marry wealthy men and really don’t have to lift a finger the rest of their lives, Salma has continued to work in movies steadily. It was her husband in fact who encouraged her to not lose touch with the film industry and sever ties. "He told me, 'You feel like this right now, but when Valentina grows a little older, you are going to want to go back, and it might be too late. You are so smart, so talented. You have so much more potential. Don't you want to see where it will take you?' I was always trying to make people believe in me, and then I found someone who believed in me more than I believed in myself."

Aside from the silver screen there is another place you can find the 45-year-old beauty nowadays in the aisles of CVS. Nuance Salma Hayek is a line of 100 products, including moisturizers, cleansers, and cosmetics, available online and carried by more than 6,000 CVS drugstores nationwide. Salma is quite aware of the eye-rolling effect celebrity products can create. Hers however, she insists, is the result of [shock] actual hard work and hands-on effort. According to Marie Claire, she researched exotic ingredients like blue agave, prickly pear, and lime enzyme, and stood alongside chemists in the lab, testing combinations and mixing scents. "I don't know that many people in my position who would actually put that much time into it. It's a lot easier to get a contract or say that you are doing the work when it's really someone else.”

She also insists that for a woman who can arguably afford any face cream or pimple medication in the world she actually uses her products. Hayek herself suffered from horrible breakouts years ago that proved to be quite a source of stress for someone who made a living acting on camera. “I couldn’t leave the house. I’d wake up in the morning and lie there and touch my face before I got up, just to prepare myself to look in the mirror!” She told Lucky Magazine.

Luckily the days of bad zits are behind her now and with her good taste in fashion and age defying figure, it’s quite easy to see why everyone loves this Hollywood star’s turn as a glamorous style icon.

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