Fashion Lesson- The Worst Dressed ladies This Week

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Hayden Panettiere seemed to be channeling her inner Karl Lagerfeld when we spotted her in this leather jacket and awful high collared shirt. Add to that a thick leather belt, pleated army green mini-skirt, leopard clutch and you have the perfect example why too many good ideas turn into crap when all worn together.

But Hayden was not alone in her bold and bad wardrobe choice this week, our beloved and almost always well dressed Diane Kruger who is at the Cannes Film Festival, wore a long-ish orange dress with a curiously strong case of pushup bra overdose and don’t even get us started on Lady Victoria Herevy’s white lace and silver applique number. One thing we have learned though is that there is such a thing as too much sheer, don’t you think?

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Someone should have told Diane Kruger that they way to jazz up a plain orange dress is better achieved with soft wavy hair and some jewelry instead of a painfully obvious pushup bra. Better luck next time.

Lady Victoria Hervey
Lady Victoria Hervey is an English model, socialite, aristocrat, and former "It girl" of the Paris Hilton variety. These days, Lady V keeps herself occupied by attending any event she can get invited to and wearing the most provocative non-outfit outfit she can get her hands on. She also provides endless amusement with tragic quotes like this one she doled out to The Telegraph once, “It's so bad being homeless in winter. They should go somewhere warm like the Caribbean where they can eat fresh fish all day.”

Kim Kardashian Launches QuickTrim UK 5mbwVZdR5qYl
Say what you will about reality star Kim Kardashian, but her style is seldom too risqué or unflattering. Wearing this Stella McCartney dress though, she goes for both elements and the results are well, pretty bad. While we know the spring set of Stella’s collection has been way, way over worn the dresses are pretty and flattering albeit boring at this point. Even though Kim chose a black dress as opposed to a white or patterned one -which comprised most of the collection- nothing could hide the fact that it was ill fitting and just wrong for her petite, curvy body type. She ended up looking like a grown up Pebbles Flintstone.

Paz Vega
We love love love Paz Vega and Spanglish was a super cute movie, but it is just impossible to get behind this dress. Instead of opting for the much overdone “side-boob”, Paz decided on showcasing the lesser flashed “inside-boob”. The top is held down firmly with a super thick belt over an enormous Ostrich train skirt similar to the one Beyoncé wore to the Met Gala the other week. Unfortunately it just looks like she is standing on top of the poor Ostrich instead. On another note look at the hilarious photographers in their rainbow wigs.

Hayden Panettiere Sexy Stylish Leather Jacket WpfEaYSeoOFl
Because the outfit is clearly not sever enough, Hayden also went full force with the whole themed military outfit and braided down her hair to match.

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No one can stop the 24 hour party train that is Tara Reid, something she has proven very well through the years. Tara was partying it up in Cannes this week, barefoot and wearing what seems to be a promising dress on top but turns into a tacked-on trash bag on the bottom. Like the sky is  blue, some thing never change.

Jessica Chastain Lawless premiere 65th annual PUYTWKJePb0l
For the premiere of the movie “Lawless” in Cannes, actress Sarah Marshall donned yet another version of  the sheer dresses we have been seeing everywhere lately. But how does one stand out from women like Eva Herzigova and Salma Hayek on the red carpet? Pair a sheer top adorned with leather roses with a leather skirt and borrow Angelina Jolie’s leg along with thigh-high stockings. Whether in France or right here in Hollywood, tacky is as tacky does. Love the confidence though.

Images VIA Zimbio

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