Breaking News- Naomi Campbell Will Soon Be Launching A Model Search On TV

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Tyra Banks just got herself some competition in the “supermodel looks for up and coming new models on a television show” arena. “The Face” will be headed by the catwalk legend along with two other yet to be named judges who will be guiding girls through weekly challenges. Sound familiar? We have to wonder what this will do to the truce called between the two divas in 2005 after 14-years of name calling and other catty behavior.

According to Oxygen network’s press release the show’s winner will ultimately become “The Face” of a major national brand. Hence the title of the show.

Naomi also released a press release today, “I am looking forward to working in partnership with Oxygen and Shine America to discover the next beautiful face of the modeling world. With “The Face” the audience will get a real insider’s look at this exciting industry that has been so good to me.”

We are not sure about Tyra but it is safe to say no one wants to be on Naomi’s bad side. Ever. The British superstar has been accused of committing acts of violence against employees, associates, and even police officers about ten times between 1998 and 2008. It seems that when Campbell is put in stressful situations like that one time her maid could not find a pair of her jeans -because surely she only has only 5- hurling the nearest cell phone towards someone is her weapon of choice. In another instance actress Yvonne SciĆ² claimed Campbell left her bloody and bruised comparing the 41-year-old supermodel to “Mike Tyson”. For all her personal troubles however Campbell is indisputably one of the most beautiful women in the modeling world and has enjoyed a fruitful and lengthy career in a fickle youth obsessed industry for decades.

Tyra on the other hand seems to have moved quite seamlessly from high fashion to Victoria’s Secret and from there to the television arena in the past several years. She discovered a runaway hit in America’s Next Top Model with explosive eliminations and extreme photoshoots involving poisonous spiders. From there she further capitalized on her glamorous past and surprisingly down-to-earth personality with a daytime talk show simply titled “Tyra”. While one of the slots for the three judges on ANTM remained a revolving door for notable fashion industry giants like Janice Dickinson and Twiggy, three figures remained a successful constant. Photographer Nigel Barker, runway coach Miss J and photoshoot director as well as stylist Jay Manuel, better known as Mr. Jay.

Finally coming face to face on Tyra’s talk show the two supermodels tried to hash out their grievances which seemed mostly to be a series or soap opera-like stories through the years. Tyra told Campbell, "I was tired of having to deal with you. ... I was tired of constantly hearing that I got canceled from this job or that, or hearing that this photographer was called, or that magazine was called and (told) not to use me."

Naomi did not deny any of the accusations, instead attempting to wave a friendly white flag at the whole thing. "One of the reasons I wanted to do this show is because sisterhood is so important to me. I feel like women hate on each other – we're jealous – and it has to stop."

We will see if the two ladies will be able to keep the peace between them with two carbon copy reality shows in the coming year. You might have heard by now though that Nigel, Miss J. and Jay Manuel found themselves on Tyra's chopping block last month after 18 seasons of ANTM.

All the more reason for Banks who is a producer on the show to buckle up and get some pretty darn amazing replacements if she wants to compete with the allure of watching Naomi Campbell do what she does best on TV every week, yell at people and show off her signature strut. You will have to wait a bit to see all the juicy action though, “The Face” is set to air in 2013.

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