Breaking News- ANTM Judges Finally Revealed Plus Changes In The Elimination Process

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What do a model, stylist and PR powerhouse have in common? As of next week they will be sharing the infamous judges table of America’s Next Top Model along with Tyra Banks. There was much talk and speculation as to who would take the place of our beloved judges Miss J, Nigel Barker and Jay Manuel after Tyra unceremoniously gave them the boot, but ultimately she decided against hiring Bryan Boy or some other trendy photo-blogger whose name was tossed around.

Kelly Cutrone is no stranger to the show and reality shoes in general. The founder and tyrant behind the very influential agency People’s Revolution in NYC, she has been the star of her own show on BRAVO and involved with ANTM since last year. Kelly replaced Vogue’s own Andre Leon Talley which proved to be a great move by Tyra and the other producers. Kelly’s has a notoriously sharp tongue and will be the “Simon” of Top Model.

The new additions however are, Johnny Wujek who is a stylist to celeb’s, most notably Katy Perry and Shakira. In an interview with the New York Times he revealed their very first interaction years before she hit it big. “I met her about ninet years ago at a fashion party. She was with this cute model boy, and I was at the bar when she came up and asked me, “Are you on my team or his?” and I said, “His team.”….Later she called me and and said, “I’m a musician, I’m doing this and that, can I borrow a dress?” So she just started coming over and borrowing stuff, but this was all before she got superfamous.”

British boxer and model Rob Evans will be providing eye candy. A young, foreign version of Tyson Beckford, sort of.

In American Idol fashion starting May 24, photos from the show’s production will be posted on, and fans will have two opportunities to vote each week for the model hopeful of their choice, until the show wraps. The scores are apparently going to be somehow factored into the elimination decision, so it’s sort of like sitting at that table right along with them.

Frankly it is hard for us to imagine how fans will be able to vote on a show they are not actually watching yet based on photographs, and more importantly doesn’t showing the production photos spoil all the fun of tarantula filled shoots??

Regardless, the show does not premiere on TV until the Fall (whomp whomp), so until them fans can leave comments and video messages, which may be featured on the show when it finally airs. As we reported earlier, Tyra will have some stiff competition heading her way next year. Supermodel and everyone’s favorite diva Naomi Campbell will be launching her own model search show titled, “The Face”.

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