Awards & Events- Hugs For Sale, “Angelina’s Leg” And Botched Announcements At The amfAR Gala

Since it was first launched in Cannes in 1993, the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS charity has raised more that $70 million for AIDS research and remained one of Hollywood and the fashion world’s beloved events. Last night at the Eden Roc hotel in Cannes, with the help of some high ticket auctions and an all black fashion show courtesy of Carine Roitfeld, we were treated to yet another parade of glammed up ladies.

Former French Vogue editor and master of her upcoming journalistic venture CR Magazine, Carine staged an ambitious show featuring looks from designers such as Versace, Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Chanel, Givenchy, Roberto Cavalli, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton and Christopher Kane. All of the pieces were auctioned off for the charity to some deep pocketed attendees.

Ever since Angelina Jolie debuted her pose du jour of sticking leg out of a high, high slit at the Oscars, the trend has been picked up by virtually everyone on one red carpet or another. The amfAR gala’s “Anglegging” ladies included, Nina Dobrev, Kim Kardashian, Jessie J and Victoria Silvestedt.

Without a doubt, everyone made a big effort to not end up on the dreaded “worst dressed list”, unfortunately life’s not fair and well, it just doesn’t always pan out that way. Kate Upton, SI’s cover girl of the year has been making quite an effort to steer herself into the high fashion category lately. Wearing a navy peplum monstrosity to the amfAR Gala that looked more like an over-sized scrunchie just did not help. Unfortunately the hair and makeup made her look much older than it should have- she’s only 19! She made the similar mistake of trying too hard at the Met Ball earlier this month as well.

We are not quite sure what happened to poor Rose McGowan’s face, but between her and Tara Reid, there is surely a lesson about the perils of overdosing on plastic surgery. Also we hate to say this, because Janet Jackson is truly amazing and talented, but -for some women it' is just not a good idea to skip the whole wearing a bra thing. Kanye West’s other half (for now), wore a saffron colored dress with a high slit and dark red lips, but really, why she was even there is the bigger issue, isn’t it?

Diane Kruger who has been dazzling us lately with some pretty amazing gown at Cannes continued her sartorial efforts by donning a gorgeous Chanel number. Kirsten Dunst was perfectly chic in a minty dress by Louis Vuitton and Milla Jovovich shined in a futuristic Versace Atelier gown. One of the surprise guests at the benefit was Joley Richardson. We haven’t seen much of the actress since the ending of Nip/Tuck, but wow, did she look great. Joley was simple and elegant in a bright pink gown with an interesting gold necklace. 

Practically all the best models are flocked to the gala as well. From Liya Kebede to Natasha Poly, Karolina Kurkova, Cara Delevingne, Liu Wen and Shanina Shaik all of the women looked absolutely flawless. Our personal favorite though has to be Doutzen Kroes. The new mom was spectacularly dressed in everyone’s favorite go-to label for events, Atelier Versace.

Heidi Klum wore a glittering silver lace Marchesa gown with a simple updo and diamond earrings. Heidi, who was also a presenter, auctioned off a rose gold Cartier watch, than was scooped up at $62,665 by one of the bidders. According to Us Magazine, One of the biggest bidders of the evening was Milla Jovovich, who won a L'Oreal Paris custom-made lipstick from the brand's Paris headquarters, complete with a Chopard diamond encrusted lipstick case. She also bid $12,518 to support an HIV-positive baby in Cambodia for one year. The charity also auctioned off loads of artwork including one of Any Warhol’s “Marilyn” pieces.

Most of the evening went off without a hitch, except for a rather awkward moment when Vampire Diaries actress Nina Dobrev’s name was mispronounced when she was called onstage. Instead of brushing it off, she felt it necessary to correct the announcer, "No, it's Dobrev, but I guess you got it close enough so thanks for that." Touchy, touchy.

The 2012 amfAR Gala Ii-T67Hg7AHlThe 2012 amfAR Gala 0UVvuJmtuRMl
                               Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas                    Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger

The 2012 amfAR Gala gNG0bx0LV-0lThe 2012 amfAR Gala ymAbMJ5JNrPl
Tara Reid

The 2012 amfAR Gala Q7BUvskLPD7lThe 2012 amfAR Gala w7SyOMYlTyJlThe 2012 amfAR Gala yyoZQR-sKaol
         Rose McGowan                                      Kylie Minogue                                         Janet Jackson

The 2012 amfAR Gala nvgf9_sB7XZlThe 2012 amfAR Gala s0lpQijxtSqlThe 2012 amfAR Gala w7o3yexN_i3l
Kim Kardashian

The 2012 amfAR Gala YmcU5VTEVUklThe 2012 amfAR Gala oWdXHDokWyul
Kirsten Dunst

The 2012 amfAR Gala Pls1YPYP_ull
Carine Roitfeld and Kenneth Cole

The 2012 amfAR Gala 7zjJ42MhNKtlThe 2012 amfAR Gala M40lMFraVMzlThe 2012 amfAR Gala XavxT3oVfVSl
Kate Upton

The 2012 amfAR Gala Gx1hE-DluFqlThe 2012 amfAR Gala 9NhSFHer3PXl
                                Shanina Shaik                                                   Milla Jovovich

The 2012 amfAR Gala sA0ctdmb__wlThe 2012 amfAR Gala VQveHZNfwCAl
                                  Eva Herzigova                                               Natasha Poly

The 2012 amfAR Gala TCfS14xWqrZlThe 2012 amfAR Gala 1HDeVPBH-csl
                                 Petra Nemcova                                                  Karolina Kurkova

Anja Rubik seen arriving 2012 amfAR Cinema _ubzC9fLJ7FlHeidi Klum 2012 amfAR Cinema Against AIDS 9M9LLlViCmVl
                                Anja Rubic                                                     Heidi Klum

Cara Delevingne 2012 amfAR Cinema Against wbh4mgaS1FxlLily Donaldson 2012 amfAR Cinema Against AIDS 9jhsidQAyldl
                                Cara Delevingne                                            Lily Donaldson

Liya Kebede 2012 amfAR Cinema Against AIDS UpjjRib0SBIlAna Beatriz Barros Arrivals amfAR Gala Cannes Yq1o6CrPvKIl
                                Liya Kebede                                                      Ana Beatriz Barros

Magdalena Frackowiak 2012 amfAR Cinema Against y7RrgY3zTkrlLiu Wen 2012 amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Arrivals Tto9JTvYC9Rl
                                 Magdalena Frackowiak                               Liu Wen

The 2012 amfAR Gala SfldCbrBdBFlThe 2012 amfAR Gala XEA_irL9esJlThe 2012 amfAR Gala WlLjZVmeAe9l
Doutzen Kroes

Nicole MurphyThe 2012 amfAR Gala 2P0LcMyqHY6lThe 2012 amfAR Gala S2xMnrE_4z3l
       Nicole Murphy                                    Michelle Rodriguez                                      Paris Hilton

Joely RichardsonThe 2012 amfAR Gala b9EBostd2Wcl
Joley Richardson

Berenice BejoThe 2012 amfAR Gala 6b2yKBKkM1sl
Berenice Bejo

Nina DobrevJessie J 2012 amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Arrivals ZpqpaYDuK77lDiane Kruger Amfar Gala benefiting fight cancer ey_kSlBOh37l
       Nina Dobrev                                         Jessie J                                                       Victoria Silvestedt

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