Scandalous- Manolo Blahnik “Had No Idea” About The Now Defunct J.Crew Collaboration

J.Crew really put a proverbial foot in their mouth when they announced during New York Fashion week an upcoming collaboration with shoe designer Manolo Balhnik. They went so far as to match up the many shoes to various outfits in the much hyped presentation. Problem is Blahnik never agreed to this supposed Bahnik x J.Crew collection at all and is now speaking out against the delusional collaboration that never was.

According to The Daily Mail, Manolo Blahnik’s president George Malkemus said in a statement, 'We were looking forward to the potential collaboration between our two brands, we both came to the conclusion that fall wasn’t the right time. We hope to do something together in the future.'

Blahnik himself however had a little less of a diplomatic response when asked about the J.Crew collaboration, 'I was recently contacted by J.Crew to do something with them, so I sent them over 45 pairs of shoes, and they announced we were doing a collaboration. I had no idea about it!'

What Blahnik means by sending over shoes is that basically J.Crew wanted some fabulous heels for their models to wear during the Fashion Week presentation which they got, a collaboration though was seemingly a figment of their imagination.

Interestingly enough since there are no shoes being produced for this fictional collaboration and there never was, J.Crew is trying their hand at damage control by blaming Blahnik for “production issues” which sounds a bit like a dig if you ask us. J.Crew president and creative director, Jenna Lyons later told The Daily Mail, 'We are in a good place with Manolo Blahnik now. Everything's okay.'

Things have been looking a bit sideways for J.Crew powerhouse Jenna Lyons lately. Her much loved newsletter “Jenna’s Picks” which was a wildly successful section in the company’s catalogue and website recently has been put on indefinite hiatus. Gayle Spannaus who is J.Crew’s women’s fashion director has been picked to replace Jenna. Might it have something to with the fact that Lyons was the person to announce the Blahnik x J.Crew collaboration and probably the one behind it? In any case you can watch Jenna wax poetic on the shoes which which will now never see the light of day below.

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