Scandalous- H&M Copied Victoria Beckham, Balenciaga & Vuitton For Spring, But Is That Wrong?

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The Swedish high-street retailer just released a new lookbook “trend update” featuring some key looks for Spring worn by top-knot loving model Jessica Hart. Almost every single piece they “designed” was a direct copy of a Spring 2012 collection. the targeted labels were Victoria by Victoria Beckham, Louis Vuitton, Vera Wang and Balenciaga.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then these designers should consider themselves very much admired by the design team at H&M. While it is not uncommon to take a little element here and there from a great piece that comes down the runway, line by line copies with minimal changes in fabric or small details are generally not lauded by high-end designers. The looks that are presented during fashion week retail for hundreds more dollars than H&M’s rock bottom prices. A fact that is not lost on the labels or savvy customers for that matter.

The designers in question might be irritated by these copies but sometimes they do indeed fight back. Gucci is in the middle of a nasty court battle with Guess over copyright infringement of their signature logo, which Guess is denying, but we all know it is in fact true. The Italian label’s signature GG logo has been plastered on Guess products for years and it seems Gucci finally had enough of the knockoff charade accusing the company of a "massive, complicated scheme to knock off Gucci’s best-known and iconic designs".

Gucci is estimating the loss of 221 million dollars in revenue from Guess products. To their end Guess said in court papers that Gucci can’t claim infringement because it “sat on its rights” for at least seven years before suing. Ouch.

Jessica Simpson is also finding herself in a similarly sticky situation. The girl has brass balls because she made an absolute replica of a Christian Louboutin heel. She might have thought nothing of it since the shoe in question was released in 2010 and sold out immediately, but good old bloggers and fashionista’s caught the knockoff and sounded off immediately after it was released. The Louboutin heel retailed for $995 and Simpson’s for a fraction at $98. It remains to be seen if the sue-happy designer will take Simpson to task for the faux Louboutin which would not surprise us, as he previously took Yves Saint Laurent to court over YSL making heels with Loub’s signature red sole. Incidentally the judge threw the case out saying “in fashion, color is an ingredient.”

Scroll down to see all the replica’s in question for yourself.

Image VIA FashionGoneRogue
Image VIA

Image VIA FashionGoneRogue
Image VIA
Victoria by Victoria Beckham

Image VIA FashionGoneRogue
00030m (1)
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Louis Vuitton

Image VIA FashionGoneRogue
vera wang
Image VIA
Vera Wang

Image VIA Telegraph
Gucci Shoe (Left) Versus Guess Shoe (Right)

Christian Louboutin (Left) Versus Jessica Simpson (right)

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