Mamma Mia- Beyonce’s Post-Baby Style, Diet, Workouts And Those Pesky Rumors

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We have been seeing a whole lot of Miss B lately, walking around New York City with Blue Ivy Carter in tow. It’s quite refreshing to see her wearing practical and simple clothes which is not what we’re used to seeing her in. No bling, no sky-high heels just slacks, flats and sometimes even a beanie. What she lacks in high-fashion though she more than makes up for with a strict diet and multiple workout’s a day that would put Gwyneth Paltrow to shame.

Blue Ivy on the other hand has been spared no expense from day one. Back before her Tumblr debut the singer, her sister Solange and her mother reportedly purchased a thoroughly modern lucite crib at a NYC boutique made by Nurseryworks called the “Vetro crib” for $3,500. They received so many girfts from frinds, family and even fans that most were donated to a local charity for young mothers. Beyonce reportedly asked Christian Louboutin to design his signature red soled shoes for her baby. For now we have seen the adorable baby girl settling for gold Marc Jacobs Mary Jane's.

There is also another guest at the Carter household as well, Beyonce’s long-time personal trainer Marco Borges has moved in. The live-in trainer reportedly leads Beyonce through a two-hour workout at 5:00 in the morning, and then repeats the process twelve hours later at 5:00 PM. The workout consists of a mix of cardio, plyometrics, Pilates and dance. She’s fueling her workouts with six small meals spread throughout the day, and careful to eat plenty of protein.

By watching what she eats very carefully, "living on protein shakes, egg-white omelets, pineapple chunks and lots of ice-cold water,"she reportedly hopes to weigh 128 pounds by early March, down from 170 pounds after giving birth in January.

However Beyonce’s pregnancy was surrounded by controversy all along with rumors that she never was pregnant to begin with and had the baby through a surrogate. No need to go into the nitty-gritty here, there is plenty of chatter in the interwebs about this and then there was that whole deflating belly incident.

Whether it is true or not she is certainly with child now and in the end that is all that matters. Now if she comes out with a children’s clothing line or something anytime soon, well the whole thing will be a genius business decision now wouldn’t it?

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