Hair Trends- Love Lauren Conrad’s Dip Dyed Pony? Here’s How To Get It

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Straight-laced and fairly conservative Lauren Conrad is the last person we thought would be rocking the oh so trendy dip dyed look but hey stranger things have happened. Lauren showed up to her book signing at Barnes & Noble sporting a hot pink color on the bottom part of her hair that we absolutely adore along with her signature cat-eye liner.

Surprisingly enough she did not have it done at a salon but with the help of some friends and we have the scoop on how to re-create this look for your locks.

In case you didn’t know Lauren is a beauty fanatic. So much so that she created a website The Beauty Department along with good friends Kristin Ess and Amy Nadine, that shows everyone how to perfect various hairstyles, nail art and doles out makeup tips. The dip dyed look is particularly awesome with braids like the fishtail or milk maid which make for cool modern updo options.

So obviously said website just had to spill the beans on how the former Hills star went from beach Blonde to punk rocker (note her spiked collar) seemingly overnight.

1. Put your hair in a ponytail.
2. We wanted a subtle gradation with the fuchsia so there was no hard line where the blonde ends and the pink begins. Using a semi-permanent pink color + warm water we created 3 different strength pinks in 3 different bowls. (We used Special FX color in Atomic Pink. Put 2 quarter sized dabs of color in each bowl. Add 1/2 a cup of warm water to one bowl, 1 cup of warm water to the second bowl and 1 1/2 cups of warm water to the third bowl.)
3. We dipped 6″ of Lauren’s ponytail into the lightest pink and squeezed it out over the sink.
4. Next we went 2 inches lower and dipped the bottom 4 inches in the medium pink, then squeezed it out over the sink.
5. Last we went 2 more inches below that, dipping the last 2 inches in the darkest pink color and squeezed it out over the sink.

After we finished coloring the hair we shampooed and conditioned the whole head. Beware that this color is not permanent but will definitely stay in light hair for a long time, brunettes for less time. The lighter your hair, the more vibrant. If you’re a brunette or redhead, you would have to have your hairstylist lighten the tips prior to dip dying your ponytail. Otherwise, chalking is another great temporary option.

Lauren’s book which was released earlier this month is titled, The Fame Game.

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