Fashionable Faces- Victoria Beckham’s Awesome Twitter Pictures

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While Victoria Beckham doesn’t usually smile for the paparazzi cameras that trail her that doesn’t mean she all that boring in her personal life. She was asked about her sour look in those pictures to which she replied that It would probably be a bit obnoxious wouldn’t it? Smiling for random cameramen on the street, a tad desperate and odd, don’t you think?

In any case Victoria has a Twitter account like most other people on this planet nowadays and she regularly posts updates on what she is up to. No boring philosophies on life here though, she actually posts funny, random and often surprising photos. If you have ever heard her in interviews though it is not a surprise, she is indeed a very funny person and does not take herself too seriously at all.

There was some random footage of her once where she was sitting at an airport delayed waiting to board a flight to see her husband David play a game. Since time was of essence and she would have to run straight to the stadium she did not have time to straighten her hair. So out came a flatiron and onwards to the first plug she found inside the terminal. She sat there on the floor straightening her hair piece by piece, joking that she would have cozied up to a water heater plug if she had to.

Victoria is currently In Beijing, China along with her adorable baby daughter Harper who is only 8 months old. On the way over she tweeted a picture of her posing as one of the cabin crew with an actual flight attendant pointing to her with a sour face. Aside from this she also posted several pictures of her and her baby’s outfits for each day in China. As we have seen, Vicky likes to coordinate their clothes. She wanted a baby girl in fact very badly to play around with and have some girly companionship as she already has three boys.

She seems pretty quite involved in her kids everyday lives despite a hectic career as a designer. She posted a picture of a very British platter of food she cooked for the boys school’s International food day along with a picture with her and a friend serving it at lunch.

Check out some of her recent Twitter pictures along with their adorable captions.

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Quick stop in Hong Kong, Beijing here we come!! X vb

Getting ready in Beijing!!Thank u @Kenpaves!!!! X vb

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Travel in style. X vb
Day 3 in Beijing                            Day 2 in Beijing! X vb

Getting ready! Today I'm wearing Victoria Beckham AW12 x vb

Healthy snack for when travelling!! Love these!!!! X vb

Birthday lunch!!! such a lovely day!!!! X vb

Just finished cooking! Very proud to be British!! X vb

Me and Suzie serving lunch at International food day at school x vb

Coco is celebrating Brooklyn's 13th birthday!!!! X vb

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