Fashionable Faces- Anne Hathaway Shows Off Her Newly Cropped Hair

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The newly engaged actress is currently in London filming the upcoming movie “Les Miserables” and apparently cut her locks for the role. She was seen with the new do’ leaving a nightclub with her fiancĂ© Adam Shulman a few nights ago. The much anticipated film however has the actress turning to some extremes for the lead role.

Anne will be playing the role of Fantine, a prostitute with a terminal case of tuberculosis who sells her hair to provide for her daughter. Anne was also put on an extreme diet to lose weight -four sizes to be exact- as well and better fit the look of the character. The cut is pretty drastic as we have never seen Anne without her long locks before but it sure is a better deal than Natalie Portman’s decision to shave her head for the movie V for Vendetta a few years ago.

We are curious to see how she will pull off the new look on the red carpet and if she’ll keep it in the long term. Either way she looks gorgeous and very much reminds us of Winona Rider or Mia Farrow with this cut.

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