Fashion Lesson- Examining Solange Knowles’ Anti-Beyoncé Hipster Glam Style

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Beyoncé has been trying to convince her baby sister Solange to move to New York city for some time now. Solange used to split her time between Houston and L.A. but has for the past year moved to Brooklyn along with her 7-year-old son. Solange is a Knowles of a different variety in more ways than one though. She refused to get involved in her mother and sisters fashion venture “House of Dereon” and has never recorded any music with her world famous sibling either instead choosing to become a DJ.

Solange’s personal style is decidedly different from her sister’s sequined ultra sexy attire. Mixing bold prints and unexpected pieces in an unconventional way gives her that hipster street cred as a DJ but a bit more glamorous of course since these hipster clothes are pretty expensive. She was spotted just a few days ago in NYC wearing a ripped gray sweater, shorts and Adidas high-tops with a Chanel bag, see what we are saying’?

The New York Times shined their light on the 25-year-old in an article titled, Life on Her Own Terms for Beyoncé’s Little Sister. “I’ve been trying to talk her into going to Brooklyn for six years,” Beyoncé said. “It’s so close to her personality. She’s such a fashionista — she’ll get used to it.”Indeed, Solange — who previously split her time between L.A. and Houston — has settled right into the decidedly non-Beyoncé "alt-hipster" D.J. scene, although she finds some of her non-"fashionista" neighbors a little weird. "The strollers don’t bother me, but the intensity of the moms does," she says. "Everyone does so much yoga and drinks so much tea."

“My sister will not record with me,” Beyoncé said. “She’s her own woman.”

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  1. I love her style. I actually think she's more stylish and fashion forward than Bey. Also, good for her for not endorsing her mothers' god awful House of Dereon crap.