Daily Roundup- Lindsay Playing Liz, A Petit Fox, Kate Hudson’s Worst Dress Ever & More

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Lindsay Lohan is set to play Elizabeth Taylor in a biopic of the late movie star for Lifetime Channel. According to CBS news, the movie will focus on Liz’s relationship with longtime love Richard Burton. The title of this epic gem? “Liz & Dick”. No word on who will be playing Dick to Lindsay’s Liz as of yet. It’s the 24th of the month, a bit late for April fools don’t you think?

  • Producer Larry Thompson has now told E! News that the team behind the production has "more than a Plan B" in case there are problems with Lohan. "Lindsay Lohan may be the most insured actress that ever walked on a soundstage for this movie," he said. "We've tried to anticipate a lot of things - we hope none of them happen.''

Katie Couric, Tyra Banks==<br />2012 Matrix Awards==<br />The Waldorf-Astoria, NYC==<br />April 23, 2012==<br />©Patrick McMullan==<br />Photo - RYAN MCCUNE/ PatrickMcMullan.com==<br />==Image VIA DailyFrontRow
  • Katy Couric has had many trying assignments in her career and she has bravely pushed through them. Most recently she has to stand next to a 5 foot 10 inch Tyra Banks on the red carpet. Naturally the petit 5 foot 1 inch journalist had to MacGyver her way out of the height difference by standing on a step stool. (Daily Mail)

Megan Fox Vertu Constellation Launch Party QFziBntlU0OlImage VIA Zimbio
  • Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green are expecting a baby. In case you were dying to know more about the couple, E! has gone into the trouble of creating a timeline chronicling the couple from inception. Otherwise, feel free to move on right about now.

Susan Sarandon Tribeca Talks Directors Series 22f58mhx5gElImage VIA Zimbio
  • During a Q&A for Tribeca Talks Directors Series during the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival, Susan Sarandon made some very interesting statements. Apparently she believes that the government thinks she’s a threat to national security. She also told The Daily Beast that her phone has been tapped and was recently denied a security clearance for a visit to the White House.

a_250x375Image VIA TheCutBlog
  • According to The Cut, during the Vogue Festival in London, Kate Hudson and Stella McCartney giggled over who is more responsible for that disaster of a dress Kate wore to the Oscars in 2001. The Victoria “box” purse, fringed cape, curled-out hair, really the whole thing was a hot mess, which they both admitted to. In conclusion McCartney summed the whole worst-dressed-list looks as this, “...And that’s why she didn’t get the Oscar.”

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