Shopaholic- We Found Love & Givenchy At Nordstrom Rack

How does 83% savings sound to you? While browsing our favorite holy grail of discount designer wear, Nordtsrom Rack we came across a slew of fur coats. Among the various shades of brown we spotted a navy blue one that upon further inspection turned out to be-wait for it- Givenchy.

This isn’t the first time we have seen super high end pieces scattered in with BB Dakota (who we love too!), not so long ago there was a rogue Alexander Wang Suede vest that was just too pretty to sit in the store and had to be promptly taken to the solace of our closet.

The Givenchy coat was first of all gorgeous and what really had us scratching our heads was the price. It originally retailed for $5,995. Clearly this was no faux jacket which is why we did not snatch it up onsite, but we won’t bore you with our personal ethics. Reduced to $999 this is the sort of thing designer wearing girls dreams are made of.

In case you are interested in running off to Nordstrom Rack this Givenchy “sighting” was at the Daly City location today.





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