Shoes Shoes Shoes- Better Than A Platform, This Spring Wear Flatforms

You heard that right. Flatforms have an elevated sole that is the same height all around. Part geisha part silly shoe designer fantasy idea this latest trend is everywhere for Spring. Sandals, ballet slippers even sneakers have been given this interesting 70’s looking treatment and we have to say they are super cool.

The awesome sandal we featured on the cover is from the Swedish label Fris Company and is on sale at Sole Struck right now, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Kobe Husk $174.95

Kobe Husk $164.95


image1xxl (3)
ASOS Viper $89.53

image1xxl (1)
ASOS Halt $134.29

image1xxl (5)
ASOS Viola $62.67


image1xxl (2)
ASOS Viper $89.53

image1xxl (4)

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