Seen & Heard- Gwyneth Paltrow Has Some Advice For Your Boring Office Attire

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In the new edition of her lifestyle website GOOP’s newsletter Gwyneth decided to focus of what she calls “investment pieces” mixed in with “steals” for her readers wardrobe. We are not sure what office she thinks the average woman works at but the cost for each of the seven looks she styled together with Net-A-Porter came up to roughly $5000. It’s safe to say Gwynny isn’t a Maxxinista.

We can’t blame the actress for being so embarrassingly out of touch with real women’s bank accounts but you have to admit her idea of playing dress up as a regular working woman is highly entertaining. Don’t get us wrong, the looks are great and she actually did a decent job of styling a sort of Jessica Seinfeld version of a soccer mom’s wardrobe with “An outfit that takes you from the school run to work.” But $900 Maison Martin Margiela heels and a $2,800 leather skirt are a bit overdressed not to mention overpriced to waltz into your corner cubicle in.

Has Gwyneth ever worked at an office in a cube? No. Will she let that stop her from fantasizing about playing dress up with borrowed clothes for her newsletter? Hell no! In case you were wondering what other choice looks she styled for her readers that apparently “asked for it” scroll down and check out all the over priced duds.  







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