Scandalous- Rachel Zoe Unleashes Her Wrath On Ex-Assistant's Rival Show

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The Hollywood Reporter compiled a list of the most powerful stylists in Hollywood and instead of including Zoe in their list they gave her a separate spread from all the other folks, so she’s like the queen bee of stylists or something. Course they also took it upon themselves to ask what no one else has dared ask Rachel until now , has she seen her defected assistant stylists show that aired that aired on the same network, Bravo or not?

When asked about A Brad Bard World Rachel quickly threw out a dismissive comment, "I won't ever see it ... I don't think it matters enough to me, to be honest."

Rachel has an uncanny knack for sending her stylist running for the hills. Taylor Jacobson was Rachel's right hand girl and we all saw just how brilliant she was on the first season of The Rachel Zoe project but by the end of season two poor Taylor seemed to be coming apart at the seams and feeling increasingly unappreciated by her bejeweled boss. Brad was also working at camp Zoe at the time but second in command to Taylor just scurrying about trying to prove himself as well. By the third season of RZP Taylor was long gone and it was good she saved herself from imminent fashion doom because we all saw the same scenario repeated as Brad ascended the right hand throne and history repeated itself. It’s all very Daytime soaptastic isn’t it?

While he was quite eager to please the great Hollywood fashion wizard Brad eventually started to remember echoes of what Taylor would complain about in the past and realized that he should try to break off and make a name for himself. It makes sense that her preferred to exercise his styling abilities instead of fetching iced latte’s for Rachel and pushing racks around all day.

When Taylor left Rachel what she feared and eventually befell both her and Brad was that Zoe in effect blacklisted the young stylists from the Hollywood crowd. There were plenty of reports that calls were made and threats doled out on actresses as well as designer reps not to work with either of them, ever. The advantage of hiring Taylor or Brad would obviously be that they are probably easier to work with than Rachel who has gone from a small time stylist to QVC fashion “designer” and reality diva. Of course the biggest issue comes down to good old fashioned money, Rachel famously commands a flat fee in the mid six figures from her clients which include Kate Hudson, Demi Moore and Liv Tyler. It’s safe to say Brad doesn’t command even a fraction of that and its good to see nice people that are not afraid of Rachel's bark like Jessica Alba stick to their friendship with the young stylist and hire him despite all the drama.

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