Scandalous- Photoshop Crazed Sephora Wants You To Wear “Tangerine Tango”

For those who have signed up for Sephora’s Beauty Insider program it has some awesome rewards and perks. Once a year you get a mini Birthday gift and for every 100 or 500 points (1pt / $1) there are product rewards as well. Well now the beauty giant is offering 15% off in-store or online shopping March 30 - April 5 for Insiders which just happens to have been teamed up with Pantone Universe. Unfortunately they also decided to photoshop the hell out of the beautiful Coco Rocha creating an orange bald alien.

Every year Pantone picks a “color of the year” and for better or for worse this year it was Tangerine Tango. A bright vivid shade of orange that you have probably been seeing on everything from clothes and bags to well makeup. Pantone Universe has now partnered with Sephora and released a limited range of beauty products that are in that special traffic cone shade.

To further promote the color Sephora beauty advisors have been given strict instructions to wear Tangerine Tango until the promotion period is over. Clearly orange is not flattering on everyone and for us the thought of having to slap on tangerine eyeshadow sounds horrifying apparently it is causing random acts of gagging among Sephora employees as well, like this one, “they fucked up by choosing this orange. There, I said it. It should have been pink. We all know that it should have been a pink or a red. That, and I'm bitter that I have to wear Tangerine Tango at least through the end of the launch.” In an unwavering level of makeup artist honesty the gal went on to say, “you simply cannot get this level of color from any of the Pantone products alone or put together. This is my chief grievance with this ad campaign.”

Speaking of grievances Jezebel among others took note of the botched photoshop heavy photograph that has us looking for her right ear and wondering how exactly is it humanly possible to have that much space between her left shoulder and head all while her hand is sticking out of the other side? Look in the mirror and try to do it, not possible. Not to mention the unidentified area below her shoulder that is not an armpit or chest just,,,something?

To see just how much photoshop went into this picture take a look at Coco Rocha below and see for yourself.


Coco Rocha Lycee Francais De New York 2012 b3NdykXEcHZlImage VIA Zimbio

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