Health & Wellness- The Manhattan Diet Offers Excruciating And Expensive Secrets

We know how French women don’t get fat, Mediterranean folks keep trim and the art of staying skinny courtesy of petite Japanese ladies, well now you can look like the svelte women right over here in America, specifically Manhattan. The Manhattan Diet is the brainchild of, you guessed it, a woman from Manhattan. One of the largest fashion hubs in the world and home to ever so skinny women the book reveals tricks and tips to slay fit and slim as well as offer up how Manhattan women deal with difficult decisions like a a platter of steaming risotto in front of them or eating at a Chinese restaurant. Harrowing indeed.

Based of the pretty obvious principles of small portions and exercise the book penned by Eileen Daspin the regimen doles out other sage advice like, only ordering string beans and rice at Chinese restaurants, choosing quality produce over "cheap thrills," and reminding oneself that Manhattan sidewalks are a woman's personal runway, so look your best.

The author’s 46-year-old friend Debi Wisch, who lives on Fifth Avenue and runs a jewelry business, is the perfect example. For breakfast, Wisch eats Fage yogurt with berries and fiber cereal. Lunch is a salad or a wrap. Dinner is fish and vegetables. She snacks a lot on cashews or blueberries, not junk food. If she wants something sweet, she grabs a piece of candy. “I try 90 percent of the time to be good and the other 10 percent just to enjoy,” she says. (Wisch, for the record, is 5-foot-4, weighs about 110 pounds and has “the arms of a 20-something.”)[NYPost]

In the book Daspin also gives some other sage advice her own personal food regimen, admitting she will 'taste everything but eats almost nothing. And you know that foodie friend you have? Well there are some no-no food items for you too.
'Trigger foods' like peanut butter, are never kept at home, she told the paper. One friend, who runs seven miles a day to maintain her 'killer bod' even pours water over leftovers before she throws them out, so that she is not tempted to eat them.
Daspin goes on to suggest adding milk to green tea. This apparently makes it 'taste like melted green-tea ice cream'. The book also suggests diluting alcoholic drinks with water or ice, and filling up on healthy grains or GG Bran crispbread.

Sauces are kept to a minimum. When dining on Chinese, one of Daspin’s friends only orders string beans and rice. “The oil on the string beans is enough to moisturize the rice,” she tells the author. “I eat with chopsticks, which helps [me] take smaller bites.” Daspin, for her part, only indulges in tiny tastes of high-calorie food, even though she’s married to an executive chef, Cesare Casella of Salumeria Rosi on the Upper West Side. “I use a teaspoon to scoop up a few grains of risotto,” Daspin writes. “I taste everything but eat almost nothing.”

The book also “recommends” eateries and specific items off their menu within Manhattan. But if you are going to look like a svelte Manahttanite using this guide you might find yourself spending Manhattan level $$$ as well. Some examples of the book’s recommended eateries and fitness choices include:
Chocolate chip cookie at ABC Kitchen $8
Two glasses of Rioja at Corkbuzz: $17
Dinner at Wong in the West Village $25
Dinner with two friends at Beauty & Essex $30
7 a.m. SoulCycle class$32
Daspin has written that she came up with the idea for her book after reading a New York Times article that compared obesity rates in New York's five boroughs. Manhattan emerged as the skinniest, and while Daspin seems to have taken that as evidence of its innate superiority, she ignores the fact that the borough's relatively wealthy population can afford to eat well and selectively (food deserts: so outer borough!) before spinning it off with private trainers.[Chow]

Interestingly four of the five women included alcoholic beverages in their daily regimen which might say more about the lives of these upper east side privileged folks than anything else. So say no to food but bring on the bubbly is how you too can look like a Manhattanite.


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