Hair Trends- Rihanna’s Blonde Ambitions Are In Need Of Maj Colorist Intervention

Rihanna Rihanna Rocks Denim NYC 2 3C8CqzwdiU8l
While we are loving Riri’s new blonde hair, when the singer was spotted a few days ago walking around NYC there seemed to be something a bit…off about her color. Blonde hair especially of the platinum variety is notoriously hard to maintain unless you are a natural blonde which we know Rihanna is not.

She also tweeted a picture of herself which made her hair look very very fried, a side effect of over processing. Going for a super light color from dark strips off much off the moisture on hair strands and yes no one even a pop superstar is immune to the brittle end result. The dryness can be alleviated by regularly using hair masks, going lighter gradually or ultimately staying as close to your own natural color as possible otherwise you might end up with thinned out hair or in extreme cases bald patches from the hair strands caving under the chemically processed pressure.

In the past few weeks we have been seeing Rihanna wearing everything from scarves to visors and and even a beanie to cover up her hair mishap. But once she stepped out without the requisite headgear the oddly grown out roots all the hair hide and seek was finally over. She probably has no choice but to live with it for a short bit of time before her hairstylist can even dream of highlighting her hair again.

Aside from the hair debacle we are loving the denim x denim x denim combo and $ stamped fanny pack!

Rihanna Celebrity Twitter Pictures K7AgQFRf-qqlRihanna Rihanna Rocks Denim NYC UUfLsv-h3HVlRihanna Rihanna Greets Fans fkRuUvApqffl
Rihanna Rihanna Shows Off Blond Hair czj1Qg1vuRtl
Rihanna Rihanna Greets Fans sj04SZvdzz7lRihanna Rihanna Layers Denim London 5 w_8iWhoWaSZlRihanna Rihanna Greets London Fans fmsSpXnGU1glRihanna Rihanna Films Music Video ps9rGgviHSblImages VIA Zimbio


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