(Fashion) Pop Quiz- Guess Which Popstar/Designer Tweeted This Photo Of Herself?


Its No Doubt lead singer and Lamb fashion designer Gwen Stefani!

The 42 year old who just joined twitter -what???-  is due to reunite with her old band mates and release a new album tweeted nostalgic pictures with her brothers in the 80’s. This particular photo was taken a few years before she formed No Doubt, 'Me & my super cool brother eric s - 8th grade - holding autographs of our favorite band madness - 5 years before nd.' She looks super adorable in her short haircut/white dress and kinda reminds us of George Michael circa wham in a totally rad 80’s way of course.
Recently Gwen was photographed heading to the recording studio to put the finishing touches on their new record. The new album will be the band's first new release in over a decade, after Rock Steady in 2001.


Gwen Stefani Gwen Stefani Heads Back Studio pNH6nMwkqN0lPhoto VIA Zimbio

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