Scandalous- Christina Hendricks Is Badly Photoshopped By Black Book

No one is immune to the horror of photoshop happy magazine folks, not even a woman as naturally gorgeous as Christina Hendricks. While the cover is the predictable “girl in mini dress walking away from ocean” that is not the least the L.A. based magazine’s problems. What the heck have they done to her face?!

For their March ‘12 issue Black Book shaved down her figure to what they presumably thought was a better fit -no pun intended- and changed the Mad Men star’s face to the point that she is virtually unrecognizable.

In the UK ads from prominent designers and beauty companies have been banned for excess retouching. Here in the United States since we don’t have any solid regulations, no one really does anything about it until a model’s body shrinks and she looks like an alien bobble head (looking at you Ralph Lauren) or a leg ends up a few feet away from her body and even then they blame it on the oversight of some poor intern that is promptly let go of.

We have to give thanks to Fashion Foie Gras for bringing our attention to this little gem.

image (3)Images VIA Black Book Magazine

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