Behind The Scenes- Nicola Formichetti Conjures Up A Dark Fantasy For MUGLER Fall’12

When Nicola Formichetti took over the avant-garde Thierry Mugler label in 2010 we knew things were about to get that much more interesting. Fall ‘12 was an homage to Thierry Mugler’s 1997 ”Les Insectes” collection which was expanded to include “the idea of the Japanese warrior and the ‘maximal minimalism’ of the music of Ryuichi Sakamoto,” who provided the soundtrack for the show. The show started with a virginal white piece with molded shoulders and what followed was a seemingly endless interpretation of intergalactic insects.

Until arriving at MUGLER the Formichetti was best known as the fashion director for Vogue Hommes Japan and of course as Lady Gaga’s principal stylist and costume designer, creating the fantastic pieces she wears on tour and around town. Formichetti would also go on to help the singer launch the private label Haus of Gaga.

After changing the labels name to MUGLER creative director Nicola along with womenswear designer Sébastien Peigné started pushing the brand in a more avant-garde direction, something that was not unlike Thierry Mugler’s own aesthetic, so it definitely worked. 

The mostly monochromatic collection was a study in thrilling creations cinched at the waist skin-tight and armor-like with slashes revealing skin. There were many variations of this shape including sheer paneled, crocodile embossed and zebra printed. No detail was spared either, from the spiked nails and techno-graphic makeup to the slicked back high ponytail’s the girls looked like they had been brought here from another planet entirely. Actually the collection as a whole reminded of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” video.
Scroll down to watch the entire MUGLER Fall ’12 collection and also to satiate your curiosity we have included the 1997 Thierry Mugler “Les Insectes” collection as well.

00030_2001-800x53300030_2114-800x53300030_2130-800x53300030_23191-800x53300030_2247-800x533Images VIA SelfServiceMagazine Photography by Billy Nava

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MUGLER Fall/Winter 2012

THIERRY MUGLER “Les Insectes” 1997

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