Beauty Files- Sephora Releases Popular “Skinny” Mascara Stateside

gaelle6Image VIA FashionGoneRogue 

Anytime the term “skinny” is slapped on something it sells well. Skinny latte, skinny jeans, skinny girl margarita and now skinny mascara. Yes you heard that right, Eyeko is the creator of a “skinny” mascara that coats your lashes without leaving them clumped or with too much product. Think of it as the anti-Dior Show/ Lash Blast. The rebel.

In case you care for Adele’s look, -who wouldn't, she's gorge!-she has been reported to wear the British company’s must-have mascara. Eyeko’s “skinny” mascara was released nationwide in the States today courtesy of everyone’s beauty mecca Sephora and according to Nylon Magazine, It has already been a top seller in Harrod's and Selfridge's in London.

There is a bit of kitsch to the tube as well, there is a guitar pick that comes with it, supposedly meant to be used as a low-tech lash curler: hold the edge up to your eyelids as you apply the mascara to bend lashes back and blot excess product. That sounds a bit of an accident waiting to happen to us, but it is not a bad idea overall.


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