Beauty Files- A Modern Interpretation Of Iconic Beauty Backstage At Valentino

A cross between Anjelica Houston & Penelope Tree, soft gray-lilac lids, pale lips and pulled back twisted hair created a 70’s sort of vibe on the girls at Valentino Fall 2012. Pat McGrath kept the focus on the eyes with load of mascara and a think liquid liner.

One of the hallmarks of the fairly bare faces were the groomed brows. Brushed upwards they were set with clear eyebrow gel which can be substituted with clear mascara as well. A small detail, but in the end they make a huge difference.

The hair was a whole other story, super simple to create it is especially perfect for wet hair on a busy morning. Using Redken products Guido Palau parted the hair in the middle, pulled back tightly in two sections and twisted each each all the way down. To secure the twists, Guido push a long hair pin and wrapped the two leftover sections of hair in a small bun at the base of the neck.

To keep the hair from moving at all the bun was then secured just like the twists, with bobby pins. Last but not least that eternal hairstyling product no one can live without, hairspray glossed over the whole thing.

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