Shopaholic- Would You Buy A Non-Hermes Brikin Doppelganger?

Then Today is your lucky day. We found this eerily similar neoprene bag from LeghilĂ  for only $375 which costs a fraction of the $10,000+ price tag of an actual Hermes bag.

The bag is available at Luisa Via Roma in 8 different colors, two of which are already sold out. LeghilĂ  interestingly enough did not even try to shy away from the replica calling it the “B-Bag”.

Personally Hermes knockoff are pretty common but if you are in the market for this style and don’t want to take out a mortgage for a handbag then a good replica like this one is perfect.

Curious about just how similar the two are? The bag below is an actual baby blue Birkin bag.


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