Seen & Heard- Karl Lagerfeld,”People in magazines are 50% bimbo and 50% pregnant women.”

Karl Lagerfeld guest edited for Metro at their Paris offices today because, well, why not? We can’t help but think that the Metro staffers just wanted him to be there all day so they can ask about topics as random as the Greek crisis, Queen Elizabeth and wait for it,,,political correctness. The irony.

Not exactly known for a saccharine disposition, the Chanel czar delivered another dose of brutally frank opinions on everything from M.I.A.’s super bowl middle finger to the music industry creation also known as Lana Del Rey. Karl also admitted the one place in the world where he would have to become a Lesbian since the men are “very ugly" and women “most beautiful”.

Frankly why anyone would ask Karl about President Obama’s looming re-election is beyond us but his irreverent answer is why we find him utterly hilarious, hint: Mrs. Obama.


On the Queen’s Jubilee:
I think [Queen Elizabeth] looks very good in her recent photos even better than a few years ago –beautiful, a bit like Queen Mary. She looks a little bit like her grandmother – a more smiley version. In terms of what she wears, she's come into herself a little bit more – whatever that is.

Is the monarchy still relevant?

It's good for the tourists because it brings a lot of money in. It's totally unnecessary, but it's pleasant. Why not have the monarchy? People can dream about it.

On Lana Del Rey:
I prefer Adele and Florence Welch. But as a modern singer she is not bad.The thing at the moment is Adele. She is a little too fat, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice. Lana del Rey is not bad at all. She looks very much like a modern-time singer. In her photos she is beautiful. Is she a construct with all her implants? She's not alone with implants.

On Women in Russia:
If I was a woman in Russia I would be a lesbian, as the men are very ugly. There are a few handsome ones, like Naomi Campbell's boyfriend, but there you see the most beautiful women and the most horrible men.

On M.I.A. and her middle finger:
Nowadays people give the middle finger quite quickly – it's not the best behavior. Everybody does that, what's new about that? It's just become a bad habit. People in magazines are 50% bimbo and 50% pregnant women.

On the Greek economic crisis:
Greece needs to work on a cleaner image. It's a big problem, as [Greeks] have this reputation of being so corrupt. You can't be sure the money will go where it's supposed to go. They need to build trust, and that takes time too. Nobody wants Greece to disappear, but they have really disgusting habits –Italy as well.

On President Obama’s claim that he deserves to be re-elected:
Yes he does, especially because of Mrs. Obama. I'm a big fan of Mrs. Obama – and her face, I think, is magical. He would not be there without her. Mrs. Obama is not a fashion statement, but she has other things to do. My favorite thing about Mrs Obama was when she was asked if her skirt was not too tight and she answered "Why you don't like my big black ass?" I want [Barack] Obama to win because there is nothing better anyway, and especially because of her.
I never voted in my life. I will never vote. I know too much about politics from what's going on backstage. To vote you have to believe all that garbage that they promise you, and they can't keep those promises. If someone gave me an Obama pin, I would just put it on.

On sustainable fashion:
I don't know what you consider as sustainable fashion. Do it, but don't make a subject out of it. It's a little bit boring.

On Political correctness:
Be politically correct, but don't become a bore for that. People should be sensitive in these matters, but not make so much noise. Be politically correct, but do we have to know your opinion?

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