Scandalous- Fistfight Breaks Out Between Supermodels And Royalty

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A major bloody brawl resulting in an arrest and a broken jaw busted out on Saturday that started between Australian supermodel Jessica Hart, Victoria’s Secret stunner Natasha Poly after midnight at NYC club Double Sevens. “Your husband’s a loser! F--k you!” screamed Hart at Poly as she gave her a middle finger. That’s when both parties entourage including a prince, a shipping heir, a fashion icons son and naturally more supermodels got involved and all hell broke loose.

According to New York Post, Natasha Poly and her crew including businessman husband Peter Bakker, Supermodels Anja Rubik, Valentina Zelyaeva and “former Hawaiian Tropic Zone club owner Adam Hock” were all at Double Sevens, a club in the Meatpacking district. Australian model Jessica Hart was partying with her boyfriend (Paris Hilton’s ex) Stavros Niarchos, Monaco Prince Pierre Casiraghi (Grace Kelly’s grandson and third in line to the throne of Monaco) and French fashion icon Carine Roitfeld’s son Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld.

Apparently the Prince walked up to Natasha and her group starting a confrontation after trying to drink from a $500 bottle of vodka at their table. 'I thought they were being childish, because they then sent over another bottle of vodka, saying, "If you don’t want us to drink your vodka, here’s another bottle," ' Hock said to the New York Post. Allegedly one of the prince’s friends started to swing a a bottle of Grey Goose at hock’s head.

They were being completely obnoxious, insulting the models and swigging from a $500 bottle of vodka on Hock’s table. The next thing I saw, all hell broke loose,’’ said a witness.
She [Hart] was very confrontational. She was aggressive. It looks like she was trying to provoke Natasha, Valentina and Anja,” a source said about Hart, and outside of the club she screamed at Natasha “Your husband’s a loser! Fuck you!”

A crazed vicious fight broke out between the men (very west side story-ish) and ultimately Hock had enough of the brats and dropped the Prince of Monaco, Casiraghi with a single punch to the face, sending him to the New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell hospital bloodied and with a broken jaw. “Pierre’s girlfriend Beatrice [Borromeo] was there and she was hysterical and crying because he looked so bad,” a witness said. Surprisingly the only person charged with assault is Hock the Hawaiian Tropic dude who apparently decked not only the Prince but Niarchos (Hart’s bf) and Roitfeld as well.

According to Hock, it was all in self defense. “I was defending myself and others,” he said. “Why aren’t [Casiraghi and his pals] handcuffed?” His lawyer added, “My client was having a nice time with a married couple and a lady friend and a group of very beautiful women, and these individuals were jealous, and they resorted to elementary-school tactics. My client is not Bruce Lee . . . These four guys are trust-fund babies who think the world is owed to them. They are like spoiled brats.”

On her end Jessica Hart tweeted a cryptic message on the incident today, “Ha! Its going to be so pleasurable when the truth does come out and he's exposed as the freaky liar he is. Although, I have to say, I am getting a little pleasure watching him run to the press, squirming and lying in desperation.”

Hock’s lawyer Sal Strazzullo was not amused and told New York Daily News he may take the Australian model to court, 'I expect her to come in and tell the truth and then, if she’s going to resort to name calling like calling my client a liar, she will open herself up to defamation and libel. They think New York is their honeycomb. They think they can come here and do whatever they want.'

'The facts are very clear,' said Nadine Johnson, a spokeswoman for Casiraghi who is better known as the “party prince” for dropping out of college and dancing his way across the globe, 'There was only one person arrested, Mr. Hock, who spent two days in jail as a result of his actions.

Hock claims that he is considering pressing charges. To be continued…

The Players:

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Peter Bakker & Natasha Poly

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Anja Rubik

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Valentina Zelyaeva 

Adam Hock leaving the hospital in a sling
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Prince Pierre Casiraghi

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Stavros Niarchos

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Jessica Hart

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Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld

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  1. Jessica is the loser, only some rich boy's lay, he will never marry her. Before Stavros, some Australian rocker boinked her for FIVE YEARS.

    Natasha Poly is an honored wife and mother, no wonder Jessica is jealous.
    Oh well, Victoria's Secret dropped Jess as an angel. Hope her outburst and cussing people out like a fish wife was worth it.