Journal de Mode- We Have The First Sneak Peek Of Adele’s Us Vogue Cover

The long awaited US Vogue cover of Adele has been leaked thanks to some sneaky fashionistas. There has been much speculation in the past year about if and when the bodacious Brit singer will grace the cover of the top U.S. fashion bible and finally the wait is over.

Currently nominated for six Grammy’s, Adele was at first set to appear on the cover of the January issue but then moved to the March issue instead making way for Meryl Streep and Taylor Swift. Incidentally Taylor Swift was moved from the March cover to make way for Adele. Diplomacy at its best.

The March issue is traditionally the Spring Fashion issue and in case you are not familiar with the fashion magazine biz, is second only to the September issue in terms of advertising revenue and massive editorial spreads. Hence the “606 pages of Spring looks” headline.

Anna Wintour reportedly asked several U.S and international designers to whip up something special for the 23 year old singer. Shot by the photography duo of Mert and Marcus, we can’t wait to see what the editorial will be like. The hair and makeup are flawless and we have to give extra brownie points to Anna Wintour for not just showing a close up of the singers face (We are looking at you U.K. Vogue) and actually showing off her beautiful figure as well.

Scroll down to see both covers and judge for yourself.

515440928 (1)Photo Via Love Magazine

Vogue UK
article-2077068-0F3F03A100000578-288_468x615Photo VIA Vogue UK

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