Do You Think We Are The Next Big Style Blogger?

There are so many giveaways and competitions offered lately and none has created such buzz as the search for The Next Big Style Blogger. Offered by Refinery29 and sponsored by Barlll we were amused at the massive amount of entries that gathered in a few short days and then decided to enter ourselves, why not?

Countless hours of writing, reviewing collections, editorials and reporting on stories that shake up the world of fashion might not be everyone’s cup of tea but we really do love what we do. It has always been our mission to represent a broad spectrum of style to reflect the modern woman and what that sassy lady wants to read.

So now we ask you, If you enjoy reading Style Celebration Blog and have a Facebook account (we are 99.9% sure you do) then please head over to Refinery29 and show your love by clicking on the heart next to our picture. Trust us in the sea of personal photos our massive familiar logo will be hard to miss.

Thank You For Your Support,

Style Celebration Blog  XOXO

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