Beauty Files- These Tragic Looks Were ALSO At The Academy Awards Or Its Vicinity

Petra Nemcova Weinstein Company 84th Annual E3k9IJxgFLZl
It is inevitable and we shouldn’t be surprised but there were some really tragic looks that hovered in or around the Oscars on Sunday.

Petra Nemkova was sporting some sort of “Panda eyes” looking eye shadow with her dangerously close to extinction eyebrows. Lydia Hearst was doing what she probably thought was a very high fashion look with pink shadow blended from her lids all the way through to her cheeks. She just looked like a pixie with a fever - and that’s not the worst of it.

Kim Kardashian’s face had been filled with so much Botox it rivaled Kimmy’s own Madame Tussad wax figure, complete with her open mouth “come hither” expression. Same goes for Rose McGowan’s frozen face, but really what happened to her? This ladies is the point at which there is absolutely no return.

Ginnifer Goodwin was sporting a flock of seagulls chopped haircut, green eye shadow and the sort of smug look that usually accompanies a lopsided bad haircut, we can’t really blame her. Salma Hayek came all the way from Europe sporting her best ode to Frida Khalo getup, complete with a side braid and red prairie dress. Remember when?

The Princess of Monaco, recently married to Grace Kelly’s son Prince Albert had us doing a double take and not in a good way. A white, striped sleeveless turtleneck dress just made her former swimmer’s body look that much more awkward. But the badness didn’t stop there, a poofed-out bleach blonde ‘do and pale makeup just made the HRH of Monaco a vision in washed out white. Ditto for Anna Faris. We seriously love Anna but the super simple platinum hair would have looked that much more beautiful with crimson lips or frankly any color other than the pale peachy gloss that she had going on. Her eyes were also covered by her heavy bangs which left her with half a face.

Last but not least, Miley Miley Miley. First off Miley Cyrus showed up in a way too old for her evening gown kind of odd since most people tend to change outfits and slip into cocktail dresses for the after parties. But the makeup and hair were whole other animal. The done up ringlet laden chignon hair, rows of false lashes, caked on foundation with red lips just made her look older and not in a good way. She did get noticed by the cameras though which we will venture to guess is most important to the ex-Disney teenager.

Lydia Hearst Annual Elton John Oscar Viewing igYETCp48Mpl

Kim Kardashian Annual Elton John Oscar Viewing n-K7W-BCVaFl

Rose McGowan Annual Elton John Oscar Viewing pEkCa4Hhxp0l

Ginnifer Goodwin 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party NX-_amXCaB1l

Salma Hayek Celebs 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar JNgrpgkTV4Ul

84th Annual Academy Awards Arrivals rqS7gRht4wgl

Miley Cyrus Annual Elton John Oscar Viewing PqvQKhX3dMel

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