Seen & Heard- We Are In Love With Elizabeth Olsen’s Style, “Hippy Dippy” Phase And Hatred Of Heels

There are way too many reasons why we love Elizabeth Olsen and here we will attempt to explain why you should too. Elizabeth might have been the called the younger sibling of her famous twin sisters until this year but the tides have changed. The release of her indie hit film, Martha Marcy May Marlene threw her head first into film festivals, screenings and ultimately the endless carnival known as promotion. What was interesting though is while Mary-Kate and Ashley’s fashion sense has been described as “hobo chic” and “bag lady” Elizabeth’s personal style stands in contrast very classic.

The 22 year old actress has remained largely out of the spotlight through the years as her child star sisters rose to fashion fame building an empire on tween aged knick knacks and in recent years venturing into fashion design. The Row as well as Elizabeth And James are the two labels they have created and design. The former named after their younger sister and brother.

Asos Magazine shot some beautiful photos of the actress on location at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. A quick conversation with Elizabeth or “Lizzie” as she is known to her friends reveals a very grounded and simple girl that does not put too much stock in frivolous fashion fads and surprisingly admits something most women seldom confess to- her dislike of heels. “I don’t like wearing heels. I’ve had a couple times now where I feel by the end of the night when I’m wearing heels at events my feet just feel like they are sitting in pools of blood. It’s really awful”

Elizabeth compares her feelings about fashion to music, as markers for different points in her life for instance going through a “hippy dippy” phase in 10th grade (she’s only 22 so yes, high school is her only recent point of reference). As far as pieces that she loves wearing day and night, simply a good jacket, sexy leather leggings or a nice pair of trousers. Her closet seems delightfully devoid of Herve Leger bandage dresses, thank goodness.

Scroll down to see the entire editorial as well as the exclusive behind-the-scenes video.

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