Nail Files- We Are Obsessed With This Pink And Gold Glitter “French” Mani

Metallic and neon colors are bold spring trends and what better way to marry the two than on your finger tips? We decided on this look because going a modern not to mention fun route with French manicures has been somewhat of a mission as of late. Super easy and incredibly sparkly this is one manicure that will keep you glowing day and night.

Start by applying one coat of Rimmel London Base Coat Top Coat Pro. Next, paint one coat of Savina in Golden. After it is completely dry carefully tape off the nail leaving only the tips exposed with nail strip tape or even scotch tape, both work just fine. Brush on a coat of Sinful Colors Professional in Cream Pink. When the tips are dry carefully peel off the tape and layer a light coat of Sephora by O.P.I Only Gold For Me Top Coat.

Easy as 1,,,2,,,3,,,.



  1. Pink and gold glitter looks good.It is the perfect combination of pink and gold color.Nails looks shiny.Thanks for sharing this information with us.....