Fashion In Film- Karl Lagerfeld Sits Down For An Interview With Himself

Mr. Chanel himself, Karl Lagerfeld sat down with Net-A-Porter for an interview, with himself. This hilarious video gives us a look into his (surprise) sense of humor, something that is sometimes hard to see as the man wears dark glasses 24/7 and is generally known for a cut-and-dry attitude. In the video he asks himself “What do you do to stay fresh and relevant?” to which he replies, “That is a question I never ask myself”

On What he considers essential items in everyone's closet, to himself Karl responds that a white shirt or t-shirt and jeans with a nice blazer is uni-sex, for men and women imperative. And what about cocktail dresses? Not so much, there are not very many cocktail parties anymore! You got to hand it to the man, this video is fantastic.

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