Fashionable Faces- Introducing Lottie Moss, Basically Kate Moss 2.0


Meet Kate Moss’ thirteen year old half-sister Charlotte “Lottie” Moss.
The fashion crowd first noticed her at big sis Kate’s wedding in July. As soon as the pictures of the adorable bridesmaid surfaced, the world had found their very own Kate 2.0 and comparisons inevitably started from there.

As much as we all love what once was, Lottie is no Kate Moss. She has as much similarities as any pretty, fresh faced 13 years old girl would have. She is beautiful and might have already been dubbed an “English Rose” by the British press, but that it quality that defined and made famous her older sister is not as much present as it is being forced onto her by association. We actually think Lottie looks a lot more like a younger Kate Bosworth.

Kate (Moss) was discovered in JFK airport at the age of 14 by Sarah Doukas, the founder of Storm Model Management. Corrine Day, a photographer shot a roll of black/white photographs of her and promptly put her on the cover of “The Face” magazine, the rest is as they say history. To Hear Kate discuss the early years in her own words with photographer David Bailey for his 1998 "Models Close Up" documentary, including the first time she was asked to pose topless check out the [NSFW] video- note: contains some nudity.

Lottie’s mother had been quoted in the press saying, “She’s too young [to model professionally]. When she is old enough it will be her decision,” but apparently the time has come much faster than anyone anticipated, as Lottie’s very first “test shoot” has been released.

The Huffington Post noted: But maybe it's not so young these days: other young models working include Kardashian sis Kendall Jenner, 16, who's already doing bikini shoots, and Elle Fanning, also 13, who's shot for Marc Jacobs. Soon we'll have modeling schools for preschoolers.

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