Seen & Heard- A Look Inside Vanessa Traina’s Romantic San Francisco Wedding

It was appropriate for Vanessa Traina to have a lushly romantic yet intimate wedding at her mother’s home in San Francisco because after all her mother is Danielle Steel, the iconic queen of romance novels. With four sisters by her side in the matriarch’s grand Pacific Heights home which was re-imagined by event planner Stanlee Gatti, the bride stepped out in custom made Givenchy and a lily-of-the-valley bouquet surrounded by a bevy of family and famous faces who traveled to the golden city for the occasion.

Runway Report- Prabal Gurung Pre-Fall 2013 Electric Watercolors On Acid

Inspired by Baz Luhrmann’s 90’s hit Romeo + Juliet the textiles of Mexico and the vivid palette of colors from his native Nepal, Parbal Gurung presented a stellar collection that answered the question he asked himself prior to starting the design process;  “How do you make something a woman wants to wear and give it just the right amount of twist?.”


Shopaholic- The Most Unbelievably Opulent Designer Gifts In The World

Gloss Slovenia
We all have small or large Christmas lists and scan gift buying guides religiously this time of year, so it’s only fair to procure a list for the discerning tastes of luxury loving people (& pets) whom there are no limits when it comes to cash. This is no ordinary shopping guide though, because the items offered from the likes of Moda Operandi, Barneys and Net-A-Porter make a seemingly expensive pair Louboutins look like jelly sandals from Walgreen's by comparison.


Model Behavior- Cameron Russell’s Thoughts On Image At The TED x Mid Atlantic 2012

I am standing on this stage because I am a pretty white woman, and in my industry we call that a “sexy girl”. I am going to answer some of the questions people ask me but with an honest twist." Victoria’s Secret model Cameron Russell has made a career out of sexy lingerie and glittery wings but she is keenly aware of how fake her image really is and just how much manipulation by the industry she works within goes into constructing a fantasy.

This was the topic she chose to explore at the 2012 TED x Mid Atlantic conference, exploring among many things society's perception of what it means to be beautiful, the many benefits and pitfalls of winning the proverbial genetic lottery and the insecurities that are fed and bred in young women's psyche- including her own. 

Runway Report- Top Three Looks From The Latest Pre- Fall 2013 Collections

Because no body really cares or has the time to spend on looking at every single look presented by the in-between collections known as Pre-Fall, we have whittled it all down to three great looks from each presentation.

Three takes is really all you need to see from most collections anyway, right? Don’t worry though, we aren’t going to cliff note our way through the season. For the more elaborate and exciting creations there will actually be full-on reviews along with complete collections to feast your eyes on. For now check out ten of the latest collections for Pre-Fall 2013.


Fashionable- Tank Magazine Fashion Director Caroline Issa’s Style Explored In 40 Looks

Executive Fashion Director of Tank Magazine, Caroline Issa is a multilayered women in a somewhat vapid industry. Born in Canada to a Chinese mother and a father of half Iranian Half Lebanese origin, after graduating with a Business degree and working as a management consultant in the world of finance, her life changed in a chance meeting with the founder of Tank Masoud Golsorkhi. Taking a chance on the opportunity to become the Creative Director’s mentee, she decided to step into a whole new world altogether, fashion publication.

Beauty Files- Do You Need Check Into Beauty Rehab?

After working long hours, taking care of everyone else and catching up on some 30 Rock sometimes it’s hard to find an opportunity for proper R&R. Mani’s and pedi’s are great in a pinch, but what about the cloud of hairspray buzzing around your locks in the morning? All the makeup remover in the world won’t be bale to really scrape off built up ickiness from walking around and the holy trinity of foundation/concealer/blush. It’s time to enter beauty rehab.


Beauty Files- Outrageous Volume Mascara Rates Outrageously Low Among Users

rimel sephora
Beauty brands have a special knack for naming their products well. Dior Show mascara for instance always brings to mind visions of stomping down the runway even though its being applied in the car on the way to work. Dior’s best-selling lash RX though is actually popular because it works- very well. Sometimes however no matter how well thought out a name marketing folks come up with for their latest product, it just falls flat on it’s pretty little face the second irked ladies start ranting across the web. Case in point, Sephora.

Raw Deal- Score J Brand’s Mid-Rise Waxed Denim At 65% Off

Like most of us you probably find yourself wearing the same old blue shade of denim day after day. Well one of the most well loved brands when it comes to the eponymous outerwear has a a pair of show stopping pants just begging to be picked up at a staggering discount.

Mamma Mia- Giselle Bundchen & Tom Brady Welcome Their Latest Addition

First there were rumor's and months after much speculation a confirmation of a second baby on the way. Congrats are in order for one the world’s most famous and successful supermodels and her QB hubby just announced the birth of their latest little one along with some pretty adorable details of their genetically gifted offspring.

Seen & Heard- Demi Moore Lets Loose At Chanel’s BBQ Bash During Art Basel

Miami’s ultra hip art “fair” brings an eclectic crowd of talented creative people together, along with random ones like Demi Moore, Wendi Murdoch and Martha Stewart. Always on the cutting edge of fabulous, Chanel threw a beachside barbecue (not your typical backyard BBQ) for and Demi was right there to make the absolute most of the decadent party. Throwing back cans of Red Bull (gives you wings?) alongside Lenny Kravitz, the 50 year old, schooled everyone on how to get down all while shimmying in a grey romper, black patent heels and oh yeah, specs.


Scandalous- Lindsay Lohan In Charged With Assault In Late Night Smack Down

You don’t mess with a girl who has had as many run-in’s with the law and been locked up for months like Lindsay Lohan. Especially over Justin Beiber’s opening act.

Shopaholic- What To Buy The Glam, Gourmand, Quirky, Beauty Crazed People In Your Life

Now that Turkey-day is behind us, it’s time to focus on the most beautiful and by-far crazed time of the year. Christmas. While buying gifts is never especially easy or fun for that matter, as you start to cross off more folks names on your list and duck into the closest restaurant for an emergency Martini, keep in mind that much of the insane parking and holiday music blasting through stores can be avoided with a few clicks.

We’ve put together a list of some particular people that you might find yourself buying gifts for and narrowed the sea of endless products down to the good stuff.


Shopaholic- Our Massive Annual Ultimate Guide To Black Friday Shopping Has Arrived!

Last year we released our very first “Ultimate Guide To Black Friday Shopping” which covered a whole spectrum of retailers and was so popular with you, our fantastic readers, that this year we decided to expand the guide and release it much earlier. Covering details on sale periods and discount amounts on over 20 different stores including Anthropologie, Nordstrom, MAC Cosmetics, Ulta, J. Crew and many more to choose from, you can now relax and plan the day somewhat easily.

Fashionable Faces- Inside The Wild Launch Party For 'Kate: The Kate Moss Book'

After over twenty years of modeling Kate Moss has lots o’ pictures to show for it- hence the launch of her cleverly titled book,  'Kate: The Kate Moss Book.' The Fete which was hosted by friend and designer Marc Jacobs in London had a slew of singers, designers and overall cool people celebrating the Brit supermodel’s foray into coffee table book-world.


Fashion Files- 9 Chic Winter Essentials From Zara That Go From Day To Night

With all the shopping most of us do along the year it’s hard to justify massive retail hauls just for any particular season. That being said, it’s nice to collect a few pieces that catch your eye now and again. Pieces that can be worn well into the next season, mixed and matched with each other, your existing wardrobe as well as one’s that are timeless and not too trend-driven. While pastel printed jeans are pretty and we have rocked them, they probably won’t be making an encore appearance year after year, while a super tailored caramel colored winter coat will.

Shoes Shoes Shoes- Balenciaga’s Iconic Combat Boot, Re-imagined To Fit Your Budget

Image VIA FashionToast
When Balenciaga first introduced their cutout boots for Spring 2011, the instant classic went viral across the pages of magazines and on the soles of bloggers and celebs. Since then the super cool answer to winter footwear does not seem to have slowed down in the must-have factor. In-fact, despite it’s hefty $1,275, the shoe is actually sold out pretty much everywhere (except for eBay of course). That’s the bad news. The good news is that you can get your hands (or feet) on some pretty amazing to. die. for. replica’s for a fraction of the price.


SC Exclusive- Investigating The Truth Behind Allure Magazine’s Subscription Scam

Image VIA Allure

It’s a well known and advertised fact that subscribing to a magazine will save you tons of cash versus buying it each cycle on the newsstand. From paper flyers hidden in between pages to online ads promising deep discounts, it’s hard to resist the allure of sartorial pages being delivered every month.

Unfortunately you might be getting scammed out of more dollars than you think when it comes to committing your credit card and trust to the powers that be.


Fashion In Film- Can “The Carrie Diaries” Really Capture The Magic Of “Sex & The City”?

Trying to stack up Sarah Jessica Parker in the iconic role of Carrie Bradshaw against newcomer AnnaSophia Robb’s junior portrayal of Candace Bushnell’s SATC prequel is tough.